2016 Survey Opens February 16!

Share Data. Improve Performance. Achieve Excellence.
The bold, new Web-based Experience Exchange Report® is an indispensible tool in this challenging market cycle. And, the all new online survey offers step-by step features to make submitting your income and expense data easier than ever. The process is so advanced, it’s actually simple.

Sharing Your Data is a Smart Business Decision
In addition to doing your part for your industry, as a submitter you’ll get…

  • A FREE expense performance comparison that maps out how your building compares to two or three peers.
  • Special discounted rates to buy the EER.
  • Access to the 2009 market reports first…with special VIP notification as soon as the analysis is ready in June!
Privacy Assurance: All data is kept in strictest confidence and only market level information is published.

Improve Performance with Illuminating New Benchmarking Tools! The revolutionary, new BOMAEER, the industry’s best benchmarking tool, sheds new light on income and operating expenses for the commercial real estate market. It’s a survival tool at your fingertips…providing the market information you need to fortify your asset value and streamline your business processes. No more books or CDs…simply access, download and use the data in infinite ways...
  • Build budgets.
  • Evaluate operating performance.
  • Identify areas for savings.
  • Communicate performance metrics to owners and investors, tenants and prospective tenants.

It’s so innovative; no other product can hold a candle to it. Shouldn’t you be part of the brilliance?

Who uses our systems? In Canada we have had pioneers become involved in our real estate systems:


Who Should Submit Data?
The EER compiles and reports on commercial office buildings, corporate facilities and medical office buildings. Not a BOMA member? No problem. Participation is NOT limited to members. The EER does NOT include any data on industrial office buildings, hotels, apartments/multi-family buildings or shopping centers.